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The Answering Religious Error website, and its services are all operated on a shoestring budget. There is no organizational structure involved and none of the managers, editors or contributors are financially compensated for their work. Our new digital magazine would not be what it is without the willingness of two special people who donate their professional expertise without expectation of remuneration. As we expand our horizon, however, we will begin to incur expenses that will be beyond our combined ability to comfortably handle. We need your help to build the ARE network and to continue spreading the word about our services. Any money collected from you will go toward the payment of services that we cannot get for free with excess amounts going toward advertising. We are not seeking our own glory but the glory of God. We only wish to help as many as we can to better understand God’s word that they may have a blessed assurance of being in a right relationship with Him.
If you cannot donate money, please donate your time by sharing this website with your friends and family on your social media outlets.
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  1. No monies will go to any individual associated with ARE.
  2. All monies will be used for the furtherance of either this website, the ARE magazine, the ARE show and / or advertising of said services.
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